About us

Founded on 30 November 2004, our company specializes in internet sales.
We began as a retail business, but over time have expanded into wholesaling, as well as distribution throughout Poland for several brands.
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W 2019 oraz 2020 roku zostaliśmy wyróżnieni prestiżową nagrodą e-Gazeli Biznesu, przyznawaną przez wydawnictwo Puls Biznesu. W roku 2020 otrzymaliśmy nagrodę również w głównej edycji Gazel Biznesu. Edycja 'e' dotyczy wyłącznie firm z segmentu e-commerce, a w konkursie głównym startują firmy z różnych branż.

Our mission

Our priority has always been to handle orders most efficiently, while also offering the largest selection of goods.
For most of our competitors, efficiency comes at the price of selection, or selection at the price of efficiency - especially with regard to online sales, where price competition is high.
But we've got the experience and the tools to provide both:

  • We have a highly developed IT system that is continually evolving.
  • Unlike most online stores, we do not trade in virtual goods, and are constantly expanding our warehouse.
  • We make sure our staff are motivated, qualified, and satisfied.

To prove it, we've cited a couple of figures.
We have fulfilled 99.86% orders with no availability complications, 86.76% of which have been sent by or before the estimated shipping date.
Only 0.02% orders have been cancelled due to item unavailability and lack of alternatives.

Our warehouse currently stores 48983 items ready to be shipped, and 7815 items in the warehouses of 105 other suppliers with whom we have an integrated IT system and fixed (usually daily) delivery schedule.

*) Not applicable to items back ordered on request.
These statistics are taken from the following period: 14.3.2021 - 14.4.2021.
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Our team

  • Paweł Buchaniec
  • Joanna Bill Buchaniec
  • Rafał Schmidt
    Customer service
  • Grzegorz Jasiński
    Customer service
  • Małgorzata Gawor
    Customer service
  • Przemysław Kurek
    Customer service
  • Rafał Jeleń
    Customer service
  • Monika Myślak
    Customer service
  • Maria Kolasa
    Customer service
  • Marcin Kmiecik
    Customer service
  • Krzysztof Rzepa
    Customer service
  • Ryszard Dańda
    Jack of all trades

Our company information

PJB - Firma Handlowo Usługowa Paweł Buchaniec
Koźmice Wielkie 781 32-020 Wieliczka Poland
Telephone +48 12-284-83-28
E-mail: [email protected]

Tax ID number: 945-193-37-09
Regon: 356883601