Wholesale distribution

We offer the following brands for wholesale:

For others not mentioned above, we may offer discounts from retail prices.
Shops interested in cooperation, we ask for:
-Creating an account on our website
-Sending to the address [email protected] a request for authorization to purchase at wholesale prices with attached scans of standard company documents.
The prerequisite for entitlement to purchase at wholesale prices is:
-Having in an entry in the register of commercial activities.
-First purchase for a minimum amount of PLN 500 EUR net.
-Monthly value of purchases min. 150 EUR net (measured as an average for the whole year).
Entities that do not meet the above criteria may individually negotiate a discount on retail prices, depending on the volume of purchases.

After receiving confirmation of granting rights to purchase at wholesale prices, they will be visible on our page.
There are two things to keep in mind, however:
- you must be logged in
- at product catalog level, normal prices are displayed. To check your individual price, you have to go to the product page: