I have already made a payment and my order is still listed as "unpaid."

If you have made an online payment via PayU, PayPal, or bank transfer, please make sure that the payment has been successfully completed. Log in to your PayU, PayPal, or bank account, and see if the payment is visible. If so, check the status.
If everything indicates that it has been made properly, but it is still listed as "unpaid" in our system, please contact us.

Bank transfers and payments made at stationary points are usually recorded the next day.
Transfers from foreign banks can take up to a week (or even longer).
The most common reason for delayed transfers is an incorrect account number. Please make sure that the correct information was provided.
If you feel your transfer is taking longer than it should, please contact us.

Note: when filing a claim about a lost payment, please include confirmation of the payment (a screenshot, PDF confirmation, scan, etc.).