Every purchase is rewarded with promotional points, which you can use to help pay for future orders.

Our promotional points program

How it works

For every $4.75 you spend with us, you get 100 promotional points, which you can then credit towards future orders.
This promotion is only available to customers with an account in one of our shops (an account in one works in the others).

If you don't have an account and would like to establish one, click here.
To learn more about our promotion regulations, click here.

If you don't like to read regulations (like most of us), here is what's most important:

  1. You must have an account and be logged in to receive points. Otherwise, our system will not know who to award them to.
  2. Points will appear in your account as soon as an order is completed (not just after submission)
  3. Points awarded for a given order can therefore only be credited towards future orders (not the order for which they were awarded)
  4. Points are not awarded for the purchase of items discounted by more than 10%, or to customers who have a fixed discount of 5% or more on our entire inventory
  5. Points cannot be used to pay for shipping.

To purchase items with points, log in and add them to your shopping cart by clicking the "Purchase with points" button.