How do I choose paint for a model?

Unless otherwise noted on our website, model sets do not include paint.

Suitable paints are listed in the instructions for each model.
Almost every model on our website has a high-resolution scan of its instructions.

The main colors are usually shown in a separate figure at the end of the instructions, which features the entire model and a diagram of how to paint which areas.
There are often many ways to paint a model, so it's good to choose one in advance to avoid buying unnecessary paint.
Paints used for fine details are listed in other figures that outline the individual stages of construction.
Most manufacturers provide a complete list of all necessary colors at the beginning or end of the instructions. However, we still recommend reading the instructions in their entirely to see what you really need. It is often the case that a certain color is needed only to paint a single element hidden somewhere inside the model.
If you want to build the model very precisely and buy all the paints listed in the instructions, the value of the paints may well exceed the value of the model. For this reason, it is wise to consider whether you just want the main colors, or all the colors; and whether you want to make any substitutions. This can save you a lot of money.

Paints are best identified by their numbers, not their names.
For almost every model, the paints listed are from a specific color pallet (i.e. a specific manufacturer). Sometimes, colors from more than one pallet are listed, leaving you with more than one option.

The most popular paints are from Humbroll, Tamiya, Revell, Pactra, and Mr Hobby (Mr Hobby is the best in our opinion).

If you don't have an airbrush, it is best to paint larger surfaces using spray paint.
The effect will be markedly better. With a brush, it is virtually impossible to paint larger surfaces without streaks.

When using an airbrush, don't forget to use paint thinner, preferably one recommended for the type of paint in question (not every type of paint thinner works with every type of paint).