View your order status and exact shipping dates for individual items. Modify, add, or remove items from your order. Combine new orders with unshipped orders to save on shipping costs.

Self-service panel

Every online shop allows you to:

  • Check your order status
  • Make payments and check your payment status
  • Track your shipments

Of course, our shop is no exception, and you can modify any aspect of your order until it is shipped.
But, with our self-service panel, you can also:

  • Check estimated shipping and delivery dates.
    Everything is clearly indicated, so you're not left wondering whether an item is available, how long back ordering will take, or when to expect a delivery.
  • Access itemized order details.
    If your order contains multiple items from different suppliers, you can see the exact dates on which we are expected to receive each, and when they will be ready for shipping.
  • Add more items to pending orders.
    Remembered you need something at the last minute? No problem. All you need to do is add the item(s) to any active, unsent order.
  • Remove products from individual orders or cancel entire orders.
    Change your mind about something? Or can't afford to wait for the one item that's holding up your order?
    All you have to do is remove it from your order, or move it to your reservations and include it in your next order.
  • Reserve items.
    Don't want someone else to get the last piece, but aren't quite ready for us to send your order?
    Also not a problem. You can postpone your order for up to 14 days, and add other items as you go.
    Need a longer reservation? Our system also allows you to reserve items for up to half a year in return for a partial advance payment.
  • Change payment method.
    Chose to pay in advance but for some reason can't? You can switch to C.O.D. payment (or vise versa).
  • Change shipping method and address.
    Got the address wrong? Or want to have your order delivered to your work instead of your home? Before it is shipped, you can fully edit your delivery address and change couriers.
    Not so easy to find your address? You can also provide instructions to the courier that will be printed on the packing slip.
  • Edit invoices.
    You can choose which items will be listed on your invoice (the rest will be on your receipt).
    You can also change the address on the invoice and print it directly from our website.
    If you need a pro forma invoice to make a payment, you can download this from our site as well.
  • Have special requests?
    Our website allows you to see who is serving your order, and submit comments to our staff.
    If there is something you can't do using the self-service panel, contact us via our on-site messenger,
    which will associate your message with your order and ensure that it is not overlooked.

All of the above (except for long-term reservations) can be done without an account.
After an order has been submitted, you will be emailed special links that allow you to modify the order, and which prevent any unauthorized persons from making changes.

How do I activate the self-service panel?

- Log in and go to the "My orders" tab.
- If you don't have an account, click on the link in the order confirmation email that was automatically sent to you after submission.