Promotion regulations:

  1. For every $4.78 you spend with us, you get 100 promotional points.
  2. It is possible to earn more points for special promotions.
  3. Shipping costs are not included in the amount used to calculate the number of points awarded.
  4. Points awarded by any of one our online shops are accumulated collectively, and can be used to purchase items in that same shop or any one of our other shops.
  5. You must have an account to receive promotional points (an account in one of our shops is valid in all the others).
  6. Points awarded for a given order can only be credited towards future orders (not the order for which they were awarded).
  7. Points will be credited to your account as soon as your order is shipped.
  8. If you fail to collect your shipment, your points for that order will be revoked.
  9. The number of points needed to purchase an item depends on the current, standard price of that item, and is subject to change.
  10. Points are not awarded for the purchase of items discounted by more than 10%, or to customers who have a fixed discount of 5% or more on our entire inventory.