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Alclad II 309-60 Black Primer & Microfiller

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Manufacturer: Alclad II
Product code: ALC-309-60
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Basic information

ManufacturerAlclad II
Product codeALC-309-60
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ALCLAD II paints offer a wide range of colors designed specifically for modellers. Painting models with these paints creates a unique coating on the painted surface, which is characterized by hardness and resistance to both mechanical and chemical factors. The company initially offered mainly paints for creating surfaces imitating metals, many types of metals from aluminum to steel. At present, the offer is much larger, including various colors and shades. The paints are based on varnish, hence they have an intense smell, they are rare, the pigment often settles to the bottom, which is why the manufacturer places a stainless steel ball in the packaging. The glass bottle contains 30 ml of thin and efficient paint. The name comes from the word Alclad, meaning a corrosion-resistant aluminum sheet made of high-purity aluminum surface layers, metallurgically bonded (wound) to a high-strength aluminum alloy core material. It has a melting point of around 500 degrees Celsius. Alclad is a trademark of Alcoa, but the term is also used generally. When using a primer, they are very efficient, usually a double layer is sufficient. The paints are not the cheapest, but the effect you can get with them is worth the price.

Usage method.

Painting with ALCLAD paints should be carried out at low pressure, from 10 to 15 PSI, the tip of the airbrush nozzle should be at a distance of 4 cm to 6 cm from the painted surface. It is best to spray using a narrow to medium width spray fan, use an airbrush like a brush, and coat the model methodically. Painted parts do not need to be polished. Be sure to ventilate the room and wear a vapor mask. It is very important to use clean tools such as an airbrush. This is especially important when changing from acrylic paints to varnish-based paints. Another important, if not the most important, issue is the undercoat. Without the right one, you cannot get the full benefits of Alclad. For example, for all paints - metallizers, glossy black is an indispensable primer, thanks to which the surface will resemble the surface of real metal. Any other type of undercoat will be a compromise and a loss of effect. Very thin layers of paint, however, make any imperfections on the model very visible. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the preparation before painting. Putty, grinding may not be enough, sometimes it will even be necessary to polish with polishing pastes to obtain a glossy surface. The surfaces to be painted must be clean and free from dust, grease, oil and fingerprints. Polishing after painting is not necessary, but it may add color differences to a given paint on selected panels of the model. Alclad paints from a series of metallizers create a very authentic look. Unfortunately, it may happen that the last layer of protection, i.e. a colorless glossy varnish, can tone down the gloss. Chemicals used under decals, weathering, wash, filters - all of these can damage the painted model, so you need to brew what is necessary for the final effect. Perhaps parts of the exhausts, nozzles do not need to be painted colorless. Also, when using masking tapes, special attention should be paid to the risk of the paint peeling off the surface. You can use a modeling trick by sticking the tape on the skin, which reduces the amount of glue and adhesion. Most often, however, some pigment particles will remain on the masking tape. The company distinguishes several types of its paints. The first group are the so-called paints. REGULAR. Of course, the company recommends a primer for these paints, but it does not necessarily have a glossy finish. High-Shine ALCLAD paints already require a glossy base coat. The company determines its paints by comparing their strength and resistance to other paints based on varnish and cellulose.

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