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Hataka Hobby CS98 British SAR Service paint set vol.1

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Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
Product code: HTK-CS98
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ManufacturerHataka Hobby
Product codeHTK-CS98
Added to catalog on:31.10.2018

HTK-CS98 includes standard colours of RAF/RN search and rescue helicopters. The set contains the following lacquer based paints, optimised for use with airbrush:


  •          HTK-C275 – BS Golden Yellow - BS381C:356, overall colour of RAF Search and Rescue Force Whirlwind HAR.2/4/10, Wessex HAR.2 and Sea King HAR.3/3A
  •          HTK-C144 – BS Dark Sea Grey – BS381C:638, overall colour of RAF SAR Wessex HAR.2 and Sea King HAR.3 that rotated between Falklands and UK bases
  •          HTK-C141 – BS Medium Sea Grey – BS381C:637, overall colour of RAF Cyprus Wessex HAR.2 (since 1993) and Griffin HAR.2. Also used on RN Sea King HAR.5/HU.5
  •          HTK-C284 – UN Blue – FS35250, used for tail bands of No. 84 Squadron RAF (RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus) Wessex HAR.2 and Griffin HAR.2 (due to UN duties)
  •          HTK-C145 – RAF Blue-Grey - BS381C:633, base colour of RN Wessex HAS.1 (early service) and HU.5 (late service), first with Dayglo Red, then with Post Office Red
  •          HTK-C146 – BS Olive Drab - BS381C:298, base colour of RN Wessex HAS.1 (late service) and HU.5 (early service, up to 1981), with Post Office Red nose and tail
  •          HTK-C268 – Luminous Red - Dayglo Red (also known as "the Docker Blaze"), used on nose and rear fuselage of RN SAR Wessex HAS.1 till early 1980s
  •          HTK-C291 – BS Cherry Red - BS381C:538, used on nose and rear fuselage of RN SAR Wessex HAS.1, HU.5 and Sea King HAR.5, HU.5 since early 1980s
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