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Hataka Hobby HTK-C048 Light gull Grey (FS36440, ANA 620)

HTK-C048 Light gull Grey (FS36440, ANA 620) - Image 1
Manufacturer: Hataka Hobby
Product code: HTK-C048
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ManufacturerHataka Hobby
Product codeHTK-C048
Weight:0.03 kg
Added to catalog on:14.9.2017

Temporary colour of US naval helicopters between 1955 and 1957, including HRS-3s. Later used on CH-53D Sea Stallions


Used for upper surfaces of US carrier-based attack planes from 1955 till late 1970s. Also on some transport, patrol, AEW and ASW planes


FS36440, the best match for ANA 602 „NS Light Grey”, overall (from 01/1941) and undersides (from 10/1941) colour of US Navy planes


FS36440, overall colour of FAP’s P-3C Orion (ex-Dutch, after Capability Upkeep Program Plus) and Portuguese Navy Super Lynx Mk 95


FS36440, used for lower surfaces of AV-8As. Later used on AV-8B/Cs in „Land Camo Scheme” (1980s-90s)


FS36440, overall colour of Belgian Navy NH90 MTH (Multi-purpose Transport Helicopter, used for ASW and SAR)


FS36440, overall colour of NH90 NFH of Dutch Defence Helicopter Command and P-3 Orion CUP (final scheme)

Hataka Hobby Orange Line to lakiery modelarskie, a więc produkt dla
modelarzy preferujących większą kontrolę nad procesem malowania jaką dają
wyłącznie farby rozpuszczalnikowe. Co warto zaznaczyć – farby z „Orange
 Line” charakteryzują się mniej intensywnym zapachem niż farby innych
producentów i są znacznie mniej agresywne dla plastiku.

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