Modelik 14_02 Sturmgeschutz IV (Sdkfz 163)

Sturmgeschutz IV (Sdkfz 163) - Image 1
Scale: 1:25
Manufacturer: Modelik
Product code: mod14_02
Availability: in stock!
Estimated shipping date: monday, 6.4.2020
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$11.97 or 7000 pts.

Includes 8.00% VAT

Basic information

Product codemod14_02
Weight:0.20 kg
Added to catalog on:26.1.2007

Number of paper sheets with parts to cut out,size of the kit: 18 x A4
Number of constuction pictures: 4 x A4
Difficulty level of the model in 1-5 scale (1-very simple, 5-very complicated): 4
Computer preperation of the project scale: 1:25
growth of the constructed model: 237 mm
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monday, 6.4.2020

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Added to catalog on: 26.1.2007
Availability: in stock!
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