Paasche A-52 Valve packing washer

Valve packing washer - Image 1
Manufacturer: Paasche
Product code: PASA-52
Availability: in stock!
Estimated shipping date: tuesday, 18.5.2021
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€1.15 or 800 pts.

Includes 23.00% VAT

Basic information

Product codePASA-52
Weight:0.01 kg
Added to catalog on:13.1.2006
Tags:Paasche-F Paasche-H Paasche-MIL Paasche-V Paasche-VJR Paasche-VL Paasche-VSR90

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tuesday, 18.5.2021

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Added to catalog on: 13.1.2006
Availability: in stock!
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