AK-Interactive 470 XTREME CLEANER

Manufacturer: AK-Interactive
Product code: AKI-470
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Product codeAKI-470
Weight:0.10 kg
Added to catalog on:30.4.2015

Wysokiej jakości środek do czyszczenia aerografów, dedykowany do farb serii Xtreme Metal.
Pomoże w utrzymaniu czystości wszystkich narzędzi modelarskich.


High quality airbrush cleaner for our Xtreme Metal range. It can be used for all of our range of metallic colours as well as other purposes, such as cleaning tools, diluting putty or other brand paints that have the same base components. Xtreme Metal is a new, high quality metallic range, developed with outstanding pigments, and specially formulated to give you the best results. Resistant to masking, any type of weathering, with ultra high coverage power, and fast drying. Now it’s easy to clean your airbrush without leaving any pigment/paint debris. These are quite simply the highest quality metallic paints ever seen.


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Added to catalog on: 30.4.2015
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