Order fulfillment time

Data based on completed orders (i.e. real fulfillment times, not estimated fulfillment times).

Items from our regular offer

Items back ordered on request

Detailed information on the terms and conditions of order fulfillment are shown on the page of each item.

Punctuality of order fulfillment

This data compares estimated fulfillment time with actual fulfillment time.

Items from our regular offer

Items back ordered on request

We have a developed stock management system that is integrated with our website and the IT systems of some of our suppliers.

For items from our regular offer, we have fulfilled 100% orders on time, and 0% with a single-day delay or less.
For items that are back ordered individually, we have fulfilled 99.89% orders on time, and 0.11% with a single-day delay or less.

We have fulfilled 99.98% orders with no availability problems for items from our regular offer, and 96.3% for items back ordered on request.
Only 0.01% orders have been cancelled due to unavailability and lack of alternatives.

Our regular offer is what is readily available at our own warehouse, which currently stores 85994 items, as well as the warehouses of our suppliers
with whom we have an integrated IT system and a fixed (usually daily) delivery schedule. In total, we offer 91962 items.

We back order 38682 items on request.

92.73% of orders are for items from our regular offer, and 7.27% for back-ordered items.

We currently work with 178 suppliers.

These statistics are taken from the following period: 3.12.2024 - 4.12.2024.

*) These statistics do not concern orders whose delay was the fault of the customer (e.g. due to modification requests, delayed payment, etc.).
**) Orders submitted on non-working days, after our business hours, or after courier pick-up from us on any given day,
and which are therefore sent on the next business day, are counted as if they were shipped the same day.
***) Collective data for all our stores .